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Thursday, June 05, 2014


Feisty Harriet


I also really really love this post about true modesty, in reference to Pope Francis...and--spoiler alert--it isn't about the length of his robe.




all the yesses in the world. Thank you for articulating what I've been thinking and feeling!


This is such a fantastic post! Regardless of what any man or woman is wearing(or not wearing) that individual is a beloved child of God and that seems to get lost in these modesty campaigns. No more shaming and judging! And yes, more looking within to the WHOLE person.


This is a fantastic post - seriously, I feel like I'm going to need to read this about once a week as I deal with modesty issues with my girls as they grow older.

Melanie B

I started a comment, but I had so much to say that I think I need a blog post of my own on this topic. So I'll just say amen. Amen!


Thank you for your position on this subject, and your courage in talking about it. We do not share your same religious faith, but I do share your concerns about what messages people get from what our children look like and how, at times, those messages seem to mean more than what they act like or what they think about. I have a 14 year old daughter whom I cherish and I am trying to raise her to be a caring and thinking person. I have printed this post for her to read and I will be talking with her about it after she reads it. Thanks so very much for your words.

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