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Saturday, July 19, 2014



Interesting to read your thoughts on this. I just read it a month or so ago and I didn't like it. I was ok with the writing style though even that bothered me a bit but i could get past it, but when i read the twist, it felt too gimmicky to me. It sort of ruined the book for me. The characters weren't as deeply developed as I would have liked, the whole story stayed on the surface because of that and i think that's what made the twist so much more gimmicky as if the author trusted that the twist alone would make the story worthwhile and such it didn't have to be deeper. but maybe i was being cranky when i read it.

as for the wealth and happiness conundrum, i have to say the balcony in italy is lovely because it's not something you have access to regularly. if you always went to italy whenever you wanted, i think it would lose its appeal. for many of these super wealthy, this is just the norm so it's not a luxury or an extraordinary experience (especially for the kids who are born into it and have never seen a world where they don't just go to italy whenever they want.) same for the necklace. "scrimped and saved for" is what makes these things precious and enjoyable. so maybe the trick is to have just enough money to make these things possible but not commonplace.

having said that, the one area where I find having money is really wonderful is in not having to worry about it when trying to solve a problem. like not having to worry when the roof caves in or like you mentioned about your dad, being able to get the best care. being able to have a cleaning lady if that's something you really hate doing. or giving the laundry to someone else to do and fold and return to you, etc. In my opinion, these more ordinary (but still expensive) and recurring things would change the quality of my life.

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