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Thursday, August 21, 2014



I like Facebook- maybe a little too much. It's like picking up the newspaper every morning (which I don't do) or listening to the news (don't do that either) but all the news is about people I know. I like that. What I don't care for is all of the quotes and videos- although occasionally I find one that I like. And since I don't take the newspaper, it also keeps me alerted to funerals. Sad but true.


I have mixed feelings. I've been active on facebook this time only since July. And I get sucked into it just as easily as I did the first time. I don't like that. I do like reading people's updates sometimes. I like feeling a little more connected, even if it's a little artificial. I like playing Words with Friends with my brother who will chat with me while we play, so it's more than just creating the best words but also talking with him about life and whatever. I prefer real-life, in person connections, but I have been able to chat with people at weird hours and have good conversations that we wouldn't have had w/o facebook, because who calls friends at 11 p.m.? I have many more thoughts about it, some critical, some questioning, and otherwise, but it would take a whole blog post to put my own thoughts out there. I don't plan on posting too much vulnerability out there just yet, because it doesn't feel like a good time for that. But I do like that you are being authentic.


I'm pretty much like your husband. I have a Facebook page, mainly because my kids were on it when it was new and the older two were in college--it was a fun way to see what was going on in their lives & photos of their friends. I've never posted anything on my page. Ever. Only one of my 4 kids still has a Facebook page (she's the only one still in high school) and she doesn't even look at it much. I'd much rather look at instagram and connect that way. Facebook just seems pointless to me--and I find that there are people that I had a much higher regard for until I started seeing the political stuff they posted on Facebook! Yikes. Too much information indeed.

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