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Sunday, September 07, 2014



Trichinosis was my first thought, too.

And wondering why you haven't posted a picture. :)

I'm glad it wasn't worse!

We missed you!


Chris S

Colin really wants to see a picture too! Sorry your morning sucked!
Love you! Hug & a kiss on your forehead that you'll heal quickly!


I could not imagine how that happened until you explained it. That is so...unusual! Sorry that your morning didn't go well. But the burritos sound really delicious!

Feisty Harriet

Oh dear, what a day! Glad you didn't like, I don't know, puncture your brain or something.



I had to leave Trevor home while I ran to the store and he was going to get his own lunch. He wanted to cut the watermelon himself and I stayed an extra few minutes to do it, just so he wouldn't have to. He groaned. Now I will share this cautionary tale with him and have more ammunition for why I don't want to leave him alone wielding a knife.

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