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Tuesday, September 16, 2014



disaster indeed. but oh so yummy. i love nutella more than pretty much any chocolate bar. but alas i am doing WLC so no nutella or chocolate or diet coke for me!


I have read in several health sites that palm oil is healthy, if that helps.

But 21 g sugar in two tbsp . . . oy.

And who really eats only TWO tbsp of Nutella?

I DO miss Nutella. Sigh.


I agree - Spectrum shortening, it's palm oil.


As we grow hazelnuts (along with our olives) I decided to make my own version of Nutella, "Not-ella". It's two-thirds roasted hazelnuts, and the remaining one-third is made up of sugar, cocoa, vanilla essence and olive oil. It's delicious and not nearly as bad for you as Nutella (although still a treat food). I tell parents that it's really too good for children and that they should re-label it "broad bean paste" as soon as they get it home so there will still be some for them if the kids find it! If you ever make it to New Zealand I will make sure to have some for you.

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