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Tuesday, November 18, 2014



I really hope you pursue writing a novel in earnest because I would purchase it and read it and line whatever you created on my shelves. I have no personal writing ambition and I’m a wee bit jealous of that flame within you because how amazing will it be when you create something glorious (and anything you write would be) and know that it’s a part of you. Go do it!


I have a drawer of published articles -- I am a journalist. For me, it's writing articles that's easy, and scrapbooking that is hard -- and yet scrapbooking is precious to me, because on my layouts and in my albums, it is my own stories that are being told, not my interpretations of other people's stories. I know you feel that your month of writing was a failure, and yet I look at your layouts and they are FILLED with words. You write essays for Write Click Scrapbook, and craft beautiful, word-rich scrapbook layouts, and your shelves are ALREADY filled with books that you have written -- just take the word "scrap" off the front of the "scrapbook", and there you go -- your personal library. Why do photos + words HAVE to take second place to words alone? I don't know your whole story -- just what you've shared of it via this blog (another valuable outlet for your words!) and on Write Click Scrapbook -- so I don't know why the craft of fiction is as important to you as it is, but I want to reassure you that from my vantage point, you are ALREADY a published author, ALREADY sharing your stories with the world, ALREADY lining the shelves of your home with your word-works. The mantra any beginning author hears is "write what you know" -- and Amy, you are ALREADY a MASTER at that. :) So take that for whatever it's worth to you -- garbage or encouragement. :) Best wishes! :)


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