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Monday, December 29, 2014


Becky K

When I think about Christmas Eve from our childhoods, I remember one Christmas Eve in particular. It might have been the year that we slept downstairs by the fireplace - remember that? I had a dream about a snowy wood with little cartoon reindeer that looked a lot like Rudolph and Clarice, and also those little deer ornaments we had (remember those?)

It was magical. And I'm sure my brain has embellished the dream over the years. But it symbolizes all the magic of Christmas Eve.

I hope my kids have their own version of that dream. Something that they will always remember that draws them back into Christmas magic. I think I will try a little harder after this post to keep that magic going for them.

The New Yorker had an article about the silent and beautiful feeling that Christmas Eve brings. The silence, the excitement, the peace (even when things aren't really peaceful.) I like that even in our cynical world, people can collectively feel that.

This is the quote: For all the crushing weight of consumerism and faux emotion to be endured each December, there is nothing that can touch late-night Christmas Eve. The tenderness of those hours, somewhere between 8 p.m. and 3 a.m., are without equal. It seems to me that, religious or not (and I'm not), in those few hours we collectively agree to something so valuable it almost makes two months of holiday carols worthwhile.


Alright, I'm done hijacking your comments.

I love this post. Xoxo


I dissolved in tears at least twice while reading this post, and again after reading the comment that was posted and when I collect myself I am printing this to tuck into my Christmas journal. You captured my feelings about the holiday and the ghosts and the magic and the reasons why we do this so perfectly. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Many blessings in the new year.
Anne -Liesse

Elena Maus

I found your blog today, for the first time, and will now look for it on a regular basis. Love your writing and the way you tell stories and share feelings. Don't ever quit. :-)

Sam - Journo and the Joker

Yes, Christmas is filled with memories and emotions and people. Lovely post.

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