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Monday, January 12, 2015



Wow, what a post. I feel for you so much as a mom. The things we do to ourselves in the name of love for our family and the expectations that we have for the holidays (especially this one) are so immense. For years, I would get sick every single December, made worse by not being able to just be sick because I had so many things to do and people were counting on me. This year, I vowed to be different. I baked much, much less, I actually did shop way ahead and even wrapped everything the weekend ahead. I said no to anything extra and only picked a few really important events to go to. It wasn't easy, but it was good and much quieter and way less stressful. And Christmas was great. My college, high-school and middle-schooler helped to make it magical. I asked for (and got) a lot more help, which I think they actually enjoyed and helped them get in the spirit. We cooked together on Christmas Eve and enjoyed some friends in the evening. You will get there. Keep being true to yourself and thanks for sharing the "real" days of motherhood. You should write a book for all us moms who are normal, average and want so much for our families.


OK, so how do you do that? Where do those expectations come from? Don't they come from within? How do you make yourself just not want that? I'm not sure how.


Awesome post, very real and honest. I enjoy reading your blog very much! You are a great writer.

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