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Tuesday, January 06, 2015


Jill B

This is a gentle reminder that sometimes the Lord has to push us where we need to go. Your dream (seems to me) has always been to write. Which you do extremely well. Use the added reader base of scrapbookers that you gained from all those added steps you have taken and continue to work on your novels. The scrapbooking wasn't necessarily started (seems to me) for teaching classes, however to do something for you and your family. As you stated the scrapbooking industry has fallen off. You are not the only one to change paths. I personally enjoyed your textuality class and would have signed up again had I realized the content had indeed changed. Please stay positive, look back and recognize all the wealth you gained and then grab that next adventure. Keep writing! It is tough to find people passionate about something and you have that. Go girl! Just a few thoughts from a follower.


This is such a sad post.
I think that there are a lot of us who are feeling left behind. Personally, I have zero interest in buying product at the moment and consequently have little interest in those instructors who are really sales persons in disguise. I would have loved to have taken your course but time didn't allow. I'm not one to sign up for courses that I can't participate in. My sincerest apologies.
I hope, for all of us, that the pendulum swings back to story telling. In the meantime, make everyday a story worthy adventure, go find your niche and keep writing!


Thank you, Jill! Staying positive...that is what I am trying to do right now, so I appreciate your encouragement!


No apologies necessary, Carolyn! I think youre right...sometimes the scrapbooking world feels a lot like high school! :) Thanks for your kind encouragement.


I'm in your camp too sweet girl. I feel like while it's nice to be able to supplement your life or pay for your hobby, it's still, in the end, more crucial to be true to who you are (at least for me). trends will come and go as they always do. and maybe this was just a path to some other wonderful thing. or so i tell myself often when i think about my scrapping adventures :)

Carla Prock

I found your blog (and still follow obviously)through your Write Now class at BPC. This was the first class I frantically downloaded when I heard BPC wasn't transitioning classes (even before they had the zip file). I've never been a "good" scrapper in that I've never found my style but all I really want to do anyway is capture our/my story in words. You help me to do that and your blog is so powerful to me because of your authenticity. I've purged lots of supplies, can't get past 2 months of Project Life etc. but capturing stories through words still appeals to me most. I've actually started blogging again because I can't seem to find a journaling style I can stick with. My plan is to start picking back through the Write Now prompts to help me keep at it. I've explored Gadanke and other sites searching for prompts but your teaching style and voice are so much more appealing to me. Thanks for everything that you have done so far! You have made a valuable contribution.


I have never been a scrapbooker, but as sister to Elizabeth and Marie, I've always deeply appreciated scrapbooking (and the scrapbooking world) as a lay person (sometimes too deeply - at one point I even read that snarky scrap smack blog). For what it's worth, the uncluttered, story-focused design styles have always been my favorites. Good writing is good writing, whether it's in a scrapbook or a paperback. You're an excellent writer and I wish you well as you lean more into that "embellishment free" genre.


Your BPC classes were some of my very favorites and I took every one of them (though I didn't realize that Textuality was so different the second time around or I would have signed up for it as well). I even used some of your writing strategies with my son who hates all things having to do with the written word. It helped! I'm sorry if the classes weren't full of hundreds of students, but you taught this one student well. You are a gifted teacher and I still refer back to your classes (and yes, I've downloaded everything that I hadn't already printed out!). For scrapbook pages to be kept by our grandchildren and not end up in a garage sale or a dumpster, they must include stories as well as pictures (& product is unnecessary--except I do love playing with it!). In fact, visual artist though I am, I think the stories are far more important. Thanks for helping me gather and write more of mine.


Your Write Now class was the first BPC class I took, and I still refer to the notes often (I printed out every lesson and keep the pages in a clear file). I loved the Textuality class too. I think you are actually ahead of trend - Ali Edwards is concentrating on "stories" this year, along with others like Elise Cripe who are moving from the PL mode to capture more than the what and where. That said though, you need to practise writing in the style of a writer, rather than a scrapbooker, if a writer is what you want to be. Of course you don't have to abandon scrapbookerly writing, but it can't be your focus. I will always enjoy reading your words on this blog, and the scrapbook layouts you share, but I am looking forward to reading your novel too!

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