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Sunday, February 01, 2015



I struggle with this issue myself, with my daughter: about knowledge and responsibility; about the bitter and the sweet; about the joyfulness and pain in life. And I do so want to save her from the bad, and I am painfully aware that in so doing, I would also "save" her from the good of making decisions and living with results; from making and losing friends and later lovers; from giving of oneself until it hurts and then getting that unexpected joy. I am amazed that all of this parenting so often boils down to stories and being a spectator. Seems it should be a bit more than that. Thanks for this post to chew on for a while...


That was a lovely post. Very personal for me. I can see heartache in my children's future through the choices they've made. It's helpful for me to know that God loves them as much as I do.


No loving parent punishes his children (before they even have knowledge of good and evil) with suffering and death for their first misbehavior. NONE. Would you do that to your child the first time they disobey? Introduce uterine fistula into the world? And childhood leukemia? And Onchocerca_volvulus? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Onchocerca_volvulus

Sorry. Don't believe in such a "loving" God. Thank goodness or I'd have to really really detest him.

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