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Thursday, March 19, 2015


Becky K

"I believe in myself, and who I am is focused on strength and intelligence and rescuing myself."

Best line ever.

I'm all about saving myself, too. Letting a prince do it for me just seems...lazy. Unless that prince is Patrick Dempsey from Enchanted, and then I could be tempted. :)

Feisty Harriet

I love this, and I feel you need to invest some time in the archives of http://www.rejectedprincesses.com/

Those are my kind of princesses. :)



I love this!
But also, you should check out my non-traditional princess book review coming to Nerdy Book Club on April 25 ; )


I don't believe "princess" to be aspirational. Why would I aspire to be someone who is only special in being either sired by or married to the "right" man. No thanks. Never called my kids "princess". Never congratulate the thousands of little kids walking around in princess costumes for being a princess. It's just something silly to want to be. Smart, strong, kind, silly, curious, fierce, persevering, wise? Sign me up. Princess? Barf.

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