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Monday, March 23, 2015



I've never tried to give up sugar, but your approach sounds very sensible. I totally use the "don't buy it, don't have it accessible" technique when I don't want to eat something (chocolate's my big one). Good luck with the programme and please post some updates as you go along.
PS: Love your WCS post today too - it's got me thinking about photoless stories and how I can get them told.

michelle t

I'm dealing with a serious digestive illness and can't eat, so in a way I know what you're going thru, just sort of a different track. It is hard. But it really sounds like you have a great attitude. Really love your wcs posts, glad to have found your blog. Michelle t

Julie Lopp

I've thought about giving up sugar, but when I do I end up eating more. I know that food is like 80% of how to loose weight and 20% exercise is the rest. Just something I heard. So I have been thinking about changing what I eat. I can't run any right now and I haven't really ran since last June!!! My balls of my feet hurt and burn and that's been hard. They hurt all the time. Dr said to get new shoes, try inserts, take 800 Ibuprophen and none of it helps. My joints hurt too, lately my hands get stiff and sometimes I wake up with my hands in a fist and it's hard to straighten my fingers. Ugh! I'm getting old, anyway I decided not to give up sugar, but eat way less and not have candy stashes everywhere. Easter time is really hard tho. Ive gained like 23 pounds, but I've had alot of stress from this accident thing that has set us back financially. We both have gained weight. Things look alittle better this summer with our case and lawyer stuff, but my aching feet and the accident stuff set me back big time. I miss running outside in the canyon, maybe next year will be better. Good luck to you, sounds like it's working and I'm proud of you, getting off sugar is an impossible thought for me, so I'm glad for your example.

Feisty Harriet

I've done a no sugar, no fruit, no bread thing several times as a sort of cleanse/reset thing where I eat veggies and some protein and try not to stab people for want of a cupcake.

Honestly, after the first week or two it wasn't that bad. I had lost some of my super intense sweet tooth cravings, was eating more carefully, snacking less, and generally felt awesome.

I'm interested to hear how this all goes for you!


My husband has taken a leave from work and is home all the time. Thus, he is doing the lion's share of cooking (I'm horrible at it) and making loads of things I love to eat like bacon and his famous mashed potatoes made with organic potatoes and butter and half and half. Needless to say, I'm in the same camp. I have gained 15 unwanted pounds and am having a devil of a time getting it off. I've increased my daily walking (unfortunately, I just can't run) and attempted to eliminate chocolate (oh, the agony). Sending hopeful vibes up for both of us.

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