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Monday, March 02, 2015



If I wasn't a reader... my house would be a lot less cluttered. Books are quite the culprit around here! They are always sprawled across the couch and stacked on every surface.

Feisty Harriet

If I wasn't a reader I would....I don't even know. I feel like, overall, I would just be a lot smaller, smaller ideas, smaller dreams, smaller sense of being, smaller thoughts, smaller mind.

And I don't want to be small.


I am reading Portrait of a Lady by Henry James. I ask for at least one classic novel each year for Christmas, and this is my current pick. The way James uses words and his word choice is just delightfull and even though it was written long-ish ago, quite refreshing. I read voraciously and usually very quickly. Most books have to meet a girth test if I purchase them. Thank God for a great library nearby and for the ability to renew the stack online. My life would not have the color or texture it does without books.


Wishing I could pass this post on to my husband and make him understand my "obsession." He has been making comments lately about how much time I spend (he doesn't say waste, but it is just there beneath the surface) finding books to read, reading, writing about the books I read, and then ... more reading. Of course, it won't help that you have just given me another list of YA books to add to my already exploding list of TBR books. So little time ... so many books ... so much to learn ... so much to experience. Someone else told me that I am filling my need for friendship by medicating with books. Perhaps it is true. Even so, I'm not giving them up.


SomehowI missed this post. (Well, Dr. Suess and I share a birthday so evidently I was busy growing older that day.)
If I wasn't a reader, I'd probably be one of those annoying people who say "I just don't have time to read!".
I can't imagine my life without books. Climbing a tree to read for hours. Reading under the covers with a flashlight(still do that). Sitting behind my young niece on the tractor, reading as she steered. Reading awkwardly while nursing a baby. Staying up way too late to finish a good book. I love reading! I have the time to read because it's important to me. Thanks for reminding me how wonderful my life has been because of books.

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