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Thursday, April 23, 2015



I have never thought of it as being a form of creativity but it really is. I think that housekeeping is also part of my identity. I wish I would have had the skills, the interest, the attitude, and the floors (my linoleum floor was a bugger to clean and never looked good) back then that I do now. Even with messy children, I think I would have been happier. I have developed some good habits through the years that have also made 'washing myself down' a lot nicer.
Your posts are always so thought-provoking!


I am not a housekeeper either, and I can totally overlook the messiness and find something else to do. I have a lot of friends who are "cleaners," and it's a part of their life I just can't share. I hate when they come over to my house.

Feisty Harriet

I am one of those who cleans for comfort. When things are spinning out of control in my regular non-housekeeper life, I feel like I must tackle the dirtiest corners and most disorganized piles, because while I can't control X, Y, and Z, I absolutely can control the corner and the pile. So I pull on my rubber gloves and clean with gusto. And it always always always makes me feel better.

I also sometimes go three or four days without washing the dishes, I rinse off the food and leave them in the sink...

So, you know, it goes both ways for me, I guess. ;)


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