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Friday, May 01, 2015



And evidently that library patron wasn't judging??
I enjoyed your post. We are all just people trying to find our way.


Very good post, thank you.
We have a local olive oil store that has cups for tasting, I find it odd to chug a bit of olive oil, even with great flavor.


I was so expecting this to go another direction! I'm not sure what, but I liked where you went with your thoughts. At first, thinking of my initial impression, I was going to share the time I went to London and sent back a chocolate cake in a French restaurant, because it had coffee in it, and I detest that flavor . . . the the chef threw my plate and swore and yelled in French for a few painful seconds. I felt terrible. But now your words are reminding me of an old friend who was not LDS who asked me a lot of questions many years ago. I thought my answers were well thought out and not naive or blind-faith kinds of answers. I loved our talks. I had worked hard for my testimony, too. And then he told me he thought the church was a cult. Which, of course, though he didn't say it outright, meant I was ignorant enough to be brainwashed. Ouch. I never really came to a resolution with him over that, but eventually I soothed myself by sarcastically saying, "If the church is a cult, it's the best damn cult I've ever heard of." :)

michelle t

That's so rude. I don't know that I understand this world. Why really do people have to be that way? Anyway, you're very brave, and I admire you. Michelle t


I have to say that this post really made me think. I feel that any of the religious faiths, or even cultural groups (or sometimes even families) to which we belong all judge, to some extent, those who are outside of those groups. I feel, as a member of the group outside Mormonism, that I am rather embarrassed by the invisible stereotyping you felt by other members of your tour, and later by their more overt assumption over your choice not to consume wine. I can say for myself that I am curious about many of the groups that I am not a member of, and through that curiosity I am prone to ask questions of those within the group, but I know that is really not what you're talking about here. I often examine my need to question for my own education, in the hopes that it doesn't alienate the group that I am curious about, but I am getting from your post that maybe I have, and for that I am so sorry.
I think your point about why you choose not to drink alcohol can be a universal truth that transcends faiths or cultural groups. It resonated with me. I just feel bad that you were put in a place of needing the explanation printed on a t-shirt so others would feel comfortable. We still have so far to go with the idea that "different" is not a synonym for "wrong". Thank you for your honesty.

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