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Thursday, June 18, 2015



Summer is my least favorite season also. I have no energy in the summer and I sometimes feel depressed (which is not my normal state). I am always so glad for fall.

Feisty Harriet

I'm a pretty big fan of fall and early spring. Not freezing, but with a definite crispy cool in the air.

Also, do you wear skirts in the summer? Knee-length cotton or knit ones that are cool and comfy and flattering?



Reading some of this makes me really grateful for my Mom and her self-acceptance. She didn't have a perfect body, but she never fretted about it. I don't think I LOVE every little part of my body, but in general I think I'm pretty good at self-acceptance. My body is a little disproportionate (my bum is smaller than belly/waist) and my stomach problems mean I can't wear tight-waisted things, so I have just had to accept that good fitting clothes are rare, and make do. I find "good enough" and go with it, because I'd rather look less-than-ideal than be roasting hot (and yes, I'm with you on cold vs. heat, because adding layers vs. removing layers . . . yes).

I am really relating with the Bad Mom blues. Oy.

I love swimming. I don't know if I would love 7 Peaks as much if I had multiple children. It's so EASY taking one kiddo. It helps that he's still excited about it. Just last week I tried a water slide for the first time in years (at Orem Rec) and I'm thinking with a swimming child, we are going to achieve a whole new level of fun on our weekly trip.

Our A/C bill . . . oh yes.

Here's to hoping you have more of the good parts of summer than the annoying parts!!


AMEN! Here, here!

Kim Edsen

On the topic of the whole 'kids at home theme' can we talk about the food? The seemingly endless need for food? Preferably food that has some sort of nutrient content, until I can't randomly conjure up what fruit/vegetable they will like today or how they would prefer it to be prepared (cooked/raw/chopped/peeled/grilled/etc/etc)so I just give in to endless amounts of Goldfish until I can summon the strength/courage to deal with it again. Whew. I feel better just writing that.
As a child I loved summer. My birthday. No school. Swimming. As an adult, I'm with you, I tolerate it. Thanks for letting me know I'm not alone!


I'm right there with you on the kids at home front. The guilt over them not doing anything constructive with their time and the guilt over trying to convince them to do something constructive with their time. Friday I took both younger boys to SkyZone for some trampoline exercise. You would have thought I was torturing them. Requiring them to leave the soft comfortable couch and i-pods in order to get some well-needed exercise in a uber-fun environment. This only leads to resentment for wasting money on something they simply complain about. Thanks, too, for including the link to that other post. I needed that laugh!

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