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Wednesday, September 09, 2015



Although I don't have your drive and need to spend less time scrapbooking, I'm inspired to adopt similar criteria for myself. If the pages I make take time to create, then the result should matter, should be worth that time. Thanks for sharing your new process - and for the lovely page!

Also, so sorry to hear of the fire on Timp (forgive me if I adopt your pet name too). What news today?

Kim Edsen

This is a topic that has nagged me for the past few years, as I accumulated albums at what seemed like a breakneck speed. Having to analyze if every photo and/or story is 'scrapbook worthy'adds a layer of anxiety to what should be a fun process. I keep looking for a long term solution. Digital? Smaller format? Store layouts in bins rather than albums? I quit Project Life, which was running two 12x12 albums/year but miss the everyday stories. Currently I am doing vacation albums, holiday albums (Christmas and Halloween), pocket style school albums for girls, and the occasional layout documenting my childhood. But still, I don't feel at ease. I don't have an answer yet, but would be interested in your thoughts as you continue down this path! Thank you!


I love your scrapbook layouts. They are what I aspire to--lots of story, one or two good pictures and a pretty simple design. I still love to scrapbook, but find that with three teenagers it isn't as easy to find the story as it was when they were little. I have been keeping little gratitude notebooks for each of them, though. This has sparked some great stories--sometimes for scrapbooking, sometimes just for their notebooks. Please keep sharing your thoughts and ideas. I really appreciate your openness.


You made me cry just a teeny little bit with that bit about Jake. Just so you know. :)


That photo and/or layout will matter in two decades. It will matter to you and it will matter to Jake and those who cherish him


Love that boy. He's such a sweetie, even though he's a maddening teenager. It goes so fast!


Wonderful post. I've been thinking about this a lot lately - now that I have a small human to take care of, my scrapbooking time is limited, and I want to focus on the important stories. But what are the important stories? I think I need to flip through my old albums and see which layouts still feel meaningful to me.

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