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Thursday, September 24, 2015



I have not heard of your book but since you ask- there was a book that I remember bits and pieces of. It had beautiful illustrations. Children going into a forest (looking for something?) and in the middle of the forest was a beautiful...building? castle? I don't remember anything else about it but I've thought about it for years and wanted to read it again. I'm sure it was before your time but if it rings a bell with you- I'd love to know the title!


I lived this post, even as I don't know the book. My childhood favorites have to be D'Auliare's Greek Mythology and Jennifer, Hecate, Macbeth, William McKiinley, and Me, Elizabeth by E.L. Konigsburg. I have probably spelled a name incorrectly in this comment, but I checked them both out regularly as a child. Definite magic between those pages.


I have just put through an ILL request for the book - it's not one I remember reading, but as I read heaps as a child (still do!) it's quite possible I'm going to find it familiar. I'll let you know!
I remember reading Heidi and the Doctor Doolittle books - I think they're down in our Stack Room so I might take a little trip down there tomorrow afternoon.....


This was my favorite book series as a young girl. I loved the story. I loved how she was a real girl...like Laura Ingalls Wilder. You could love her because she got angry and cranky and made mistakes. Yet the story was so beautiful. I have never found it to re-read it...but I loved her little yellow rosebud wallpaper. I loved how the cats drank coffee out of the saucers. The little grey kitten...I'm not sure if I could ever get the name correct...but it was Cecilia Sinkspout...or something of that nature. I'm sure I'm remembering wrong. Everything about the book creates such warm and beautiful memories. Like you, I have tried to find the copies...but they are so expensive. I keep hoping that like the Dancing Shoes books by Noel Stretfeld (another childhood favorite) that eventually they will republish the whole series.

Thank you for your post. I'm in library school and we were having a class on Children's illustrators and picture books tonight. I always loved Garth Williams as an illustrator.

Take Care,
Deanna White

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