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Wednesday, September 16, 2015



I don't use the colored stripes often in my layouts, I'm more of a circle/dot kind of girl, scrap-wise. Love this post--I am an old-time scrapbooker, too. It is my creative outlet and the fact that it makes my family happy is a bonus. Thanks for this post. I always enjoy your scrapping ideas.


That's a great tip. I have a hard time using striped papers -- I'll have to give this a try soon. (I'm part of the same Facebook group you mention and read that thread yesterday. I think many people read so many blogs -- and sometimes through a feed reader -- that most of us don't get many visits or comments. I'm certainly guilty of not leaving a lot of comments. But I'm going to try to be better about it!)


Thank you for this post about scrapbooking. I enjoyed the technique tips, but I also enjoyed the attention spent on the topic. I appreciate your effort to focus on the topic of scrap booking again!!

Robin W.

I use stripes a lot, especially on two page layouts to help tie them together. I keep all of my striped paper together in a folder so it's easier to look through them to find one that works. Thanks for writing a post on scrapbooking; I too miss reading about my favorite hobby!


I always buy striped paper cause it talks to me but then I always have a hard time using it - I'm going to try the small doses idea on my next layout. Thanks for writing about scrapbooking - the beginning of your post sounded as if you had read my mind! I especially needed this little crafty bit as my LSS closed last weekend (after almost 20 years in business) and part of my heart went with it - my hubby always knew that was where I meant when I said I "needed to go to my happy place" LOL


I love using striped paper, and I use it in about the same way--small pieces to tie the layout together. Thanks for bringing scrapbooking to the fore again!


Thanks for promising more scrapbooking posts - I love them! Shimelle Laine's are my absolute fave, and her advice on using striped paper as a background frame reminds me of yours about quilt bindings!


I keep thinking I need to bring a little more scrapbooking to my blog... now that pretty much every place I've ever loved to share scrapbooking is gone! I've never been on a design team or subscribed to a kit, either. And I haven't ever jumped into Project Life. This all makes me very oddball these days, I've decided ; )


Don't stop blogging!! I just found you! Love scrapbooking and writing stories so your topics touch me so. And your recent blog post (re: teenagers) made me feel your pain. Mine are older, but I remember those feelings and the thought "Why does this seem so hard??" Some things are easier now, some things are harder.

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