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Thursday, October 08, 2015



You do NOT sound selfish. I totally understand what you're saying. Thanks for sharing with us.


I am so glad to hear these words from some one who loves her teens fiercely. I love mine fiercely and it helped me to hear that yours are struggling, too, and you are struggling with it. We are, too. Thank you for the courage to put the raw into words. I will retread this post many times.
Take care.


Parenting is not for the weak. Loved this post. Thanks for being willing to show a side so many of us feel but never discuss.


I think there are some parents who receive easier teens to parent, as well. My oldest is an easier teen (while my 11 year old is already giving me glimpses of the terrifying years to come). Meanwhile, my sister is dealing with a daughter who is reeling from social anxiety to the extent that she cannot go to the bathroom when her roommate is in the room and cannot eat in the dining hall when there are too many others. It is breaking my sister's heart and she is struggling with how best to parent in light of her child's particular challenges. In addition to this, the daughter scorns every belief my sister holds dear. I guess what I'm trying to say is that the parent who is loving the stage probably has a delightful experience going on, while others simply walk a rougher road. Yours words must be a balm to those who are in the trenches by your side, dealing with intense struggles, while their hearts are breaking with love and best intentions for their offspring. You express so well what others feel. Please don't ever stop writing. The world needs your voice!


I love this post!! I'm right there with you. Parenting is hard...especially parenting well. I loved the part about messing things up in different ways than our parents messed things up. Spot on. I also totally relate to our kids being good kids in the grand scheme of things and it is still hard!! There is a lady in my ward who was speaking in church and was going on and on about how much she "loves parenting teenagers!!" And how it was "SO MUCH FUN!!" and I was rolling my eyes at Tyler. SO.CANT.RELATE. It is so terrifying because so much is riding on the choices they make right now...and it's when they want to listen the absolute least. Especially if you have a child who only seems to learn through experience like mine does. It is so frustrating. Keep posting. We are all in this together. There need to be more honest posts like this in the world. Thank you!


oh, the honesty you shared. Teenagers are hard. Exhausting. unpredictable. your home is no longer a sanctuary - it is now, well, different from day to day. And that is how you do parenting - day buy day - crisis by crisis. enjoying the little moments when things seems okay. looking for the good - in them, in you. I don't think I would ever say the teem years were my favorite (to go through myself or as a parent of teens). Remain consistent, honest, stick with the things that are important to you...don't compromise on the BIG things. Choose your battles carefully. you will survive... the question is - will they?

Melanie B

I love your honesty. I felt this way through my stepson's teen years. He's 19 and we're still really struggling. But because he's my "step"son, I could rarely express frustration to anyone (even my husband) without sounding unloving. And the love is there! That's what makes it so painful to be shut out. If they only knew how hard it is to be the one who has to set the boundaries and say no and try to hold it all together. Thanks for sharing!


Oh, Amy. You always nail it. I am starting to see how my childless self LOVED teenagers when I was teaching, and my mama self now is way more scared and feeling like this than makes sense. Sigh. Please keep writing.

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