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Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Becky K

I am having a hard time, too. I think of what you wrote, and I think of my family, and I wonder. It's tough. A lot of the phrases and things that people say don't feel like they are authentic to me. I'm muddling through this. I have good moments and bad moments.

Hugs....I wanted to say more, but I don't know what. So. Big hugs.


Thank you for your candid thoughts. I appreciate the effort you took to put a matter of faith into words. I find that hard to do sometimes.


Frankly, I think the majority of us are confused and bewildered by this policy change. I just keep telling myself that it's a policy- not a doctrine. Wait. Wait and see.


These questions are plaguing every church, so I feel the issue as deeply as you. While I believe that the act is unnatural and against God's design, like you, I see it as no different than any of the other ways we depart from God's best intentions for our lives. I believe it is my responsibility to love these individuals just as much as I love any other person with faults and failings.

I have recently been so aggrieved because I have two teacher friends who are a lesbian couple. I think more highly of them than I do of most teachers I know. I love them dearly. One used to read my blog, until I posted a review of Fangirl, where I said that the fan fiction felt all wrong. I was trying to say that it felt wrong to shift the events of a real story to fit the patterns a fan fiction writer chooses to impose. She took offense and hasn't read since. I feel such a deep sense of loss over this. I want desperately to let her know how much I value her (and tried to express it in my Christmas card), without having to compromise my belief that the act is not in keeping with God's design.

Surely we are called to love and not stir up division. Isn't there some way we can stand for truth, without trampling the hearts and lives of others? I don't know what the best resolution to this problem is, but like you, it leaves me with a bitter taste in my mouth.

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