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Monday, December 28, 2015



I love this. Thank you. I've always loved the thought that Luke knew Mary and her information and experiences were the basis of his story in the first chapters of Luke. Thanks again for sharing your insights.


I'm excited about this. Did you just study Mary using the scriptures or are there books that you can recommend? Thanks!


This is lovely. As a Catholic, I'm often challenged by those of other Christian faiths regarding their perception that Catholics worship Mary like God. I try to explain that is not the case but that we revere Mary for all the reasons you noted. Catholics believe you can pray to those in heaven for prayers of intercession. Like when you ask your friend to pray for you. We ask Mary to pray for us. I have no idea of your religious beliefs but I'm printing and saving this post as I think it captures so much so well.


The quote about pondering in one's heart is one of my favorites in the story of Christmas. I think as mothers, we all ponder things about our children and our lives in our hearts. I think the words make you see Mary as a mother first, rather than the mother of Christ first. In a way, it makes her just like the rest of us, but really not at all. It's a quote that I think about a lot.

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