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Friday, February 05, 2016



Yep. Thank is me totally. I had this dream a few weeks ago that my director at work was my dad (so was a guy from Duck Dynasty, but that's a whole different aspect of the dream, lol.) In the dream I felt really...noticed and I knew he would take care of me.

Which, like you, isn't to say that I don't or didn't love Dad. I do. But, like you I felt like I had to protect him and defend him and that didn't equate to feeling like I was protected and defended. Daddy issues - I've got them.



Such good writing, Amy. I felt your longing and your understanding.

Feisty Harriet

Oooouuuff! Right in the heart.

I think I kind of understand what you mean here, and I think it's pretty normal to feel a desire for a part of your life that is missing. I want a Mom, a wise woman who can and will guide me and give me good advice and call to check up on me. I don't need her to survive, but I would love her in my life. And I don't have one, and I've never had one. To some extent I have tried to recruit a Mom to my life, and have succeeded with an aunt who has fulfilled the Mom-role in many ways. She doesn't quite fit into the Mom-sized hole, but it's close, and there is definite comfort in that.


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