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Wednesday, February 03, 2016



Ha! I hate running laps. It makes me super grumpy and reminds me of when my back was hurt and so I start having back sympathy pains, lol. I love hearing your thoughts during your run! Go you. Xoxo

Feisty Harriet

I love this post! But, I hate running laps, I'd rather run on a treadmill.


Christine Duncan

LOL... oh my word, so entertaining! Love your writing style, Amy! I'm going to be sharing this post with a buddy of mine who just started running for the first time and I KNOW she'll appreciate this and be inspired by it too. So glad I popped in from Blogging on Your Own Terms thread today...

Rica@ Yoga Mat Monkey

I have always liked running. I use it as a means to get away from myself, mentally. I'm not into the competitive aspects. I don't care about the distance, or my time. I just run to free myself. My guy says there's no fun in that. He's always a half mile ahead of me, checking his watch and recording his distance. To each his own. However you do it, just keep doing it!


You are a better woman than I. I can't do tracks.. my thoughts drive me crazy. I love group classes where you can interact a little.


NO!! We can't be THAT OLD! :)

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