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Thursday, March 17, 2016


Feisty Harriet

I read this for my own book club in November, our discussion was fantastic! I will probably need to read it a time or two more before it settles into my soul, but I absolutely think that the best books can, and do, and SHOULD do just that. Get under your skin and stay there, informing your choices and shaping how you see the world.

Also, I totally get what you mean about being ruined for mediocre books. "East of Eden" did that for me, and I was forever changed. :)



Have loved this book for, feels like,20 years or so. Affected me so much. Made me a feminist, a label I don't shy away from.


When I was in college, I read and loved The SImeon Solution. It was/is a church book but the earth-shattering thing about the book for me was that it helped me learn to navigate my church as a new member.


My favorite book during high school was Gone With the Wind. I must have read that book 10 times in just a few years.

I remember when you got that copy of Handmaid's Tale. I was so envious of all of your books, and your ability to buy them on your own. I wish I could say that one book changed me so completely, but there isn't just one. I am glad that books played a large part in making my world view and influencing who I am.

Great post!!


I can't think of any one book that has impacted my life that much. It's more a matter of something from them all. I am like Samuel in East of Eden. I ride "lightly on top of a book and...balance(d) happily among ideas the way a man rides white rapids in a canoe." Then there's Tom who "got into a book, crawled and groveled between the covers, tunneled like a mole among the thoughts, and came up with a book all over his face and hands." I hope to find a book that affects me that way sometime!


I read this book years ago and want to reread it sometime soon. I am trying to raise my daughter to be a feminist. Even when she was small and would say that such-and-such was just for boys or that boys were smarter than girls, I didn't let her statements go unchallenged. I'm teaching her that there are very, very few things that men can do that women can't (she wanted to know why women didn't play professional baseball) and that both women and men can be smart. I also remind her that when my grandmother was born, women couldn't vote, couldn't get divorced, and couldn't own property -- less than a hundred years ago. Her take: "That's messed up!" Yes, baby girl, yes, it is.

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