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Friday, May 06, 2016



Oh, Amy. I almost feel guilty thinking about how lucky I am to know someone who can write so well that it makes me cry reading it, but also how lucky it is that you can write about the inexplicable miracle of his survival. xo


Amy. Deepest thoughts and prayers for you and your family. What a wonder miracles are and am so happy you have blessed with the miracle of your husband's life.


Thank you for sharing... How utterly terrifying and how utterly miraculous. So glad that Kendall is doing well. Lots of love to you!

Chris S

Love you guys! You are so strong! My favorite is still that he asked if the EMTs took off their shoes! That's when you had to know he was back to "normal" Kendell


Amy, I have cried before over your terrifying situation, putting myself in your shoes and knowing I would be wholly inadequate in the moment of need. I have thanked God for watching over you, giving you the presence of mind to respond quickly, giving you the miracle I want as your story. Now, I am crying big puddles of tears because you articulated it with such vivid images, because I am grateful for the promise of another day together, because life is raw and hard and when we share in another's story, just by listening, we gain something immense.

I have been reading a book by Bret Lott about writing. He refers to Scripture where God provided the craftsmen with all they needed to create his tabernacle. He emphasized that they were "blessed to be a blessing." Then, he talked about how our wounds serve as a dynamic springboard for the words we give to others. Thank you for sharing this difficult story. You and Kendell and your kids remain in my thoughts and prayers.


You are amazing. I am so glad your husband is doing well. What a story to tell and how tough this time must be for you, so thank you for telling it in such a dramatic, truthful way. Take care of yourself.


OH, my heck Amy! My heart goes out to you. What an experience to go through. The way you wrote about it made me feel as if I were going through it with you. I am so glad that he's doing okay. I hope someday you'll be able to get a good night's sleep again.


I wept as I read this and I'm weeping now. It is truly a blessing that your husband is doing so well. I have been in your shoes and have felt your terror. You had to put on a bra - in my case they sent me back to put on shoes. An experience like this helps us know how precious life is. Cherish every moment you have together and live with joy for the gift of each new day. My husband went Home five years ago but we were given the gift of 5 1/2 bonus years following his heart incident. Thank you for sharing such a personal experience.


Wow. So happy for you. How scary. God bless you and your family.

Feisty Harriet

Well, I'm a sobbing mess. I....I cannot even imagine. I am so glad he is okay, that he is HERE.

So many hugs to you.



Thank you for sharing this so well and so clearly. I am on my third read to try to process it all. I am so glad of the outcome. Be sure to take care of you the best you can as you care for all of those around you. Continued prayers for you and your family.


Oh, my, goodness! I haven't checked your blog in a very long time (I really enjoy your book reviews) and I stumbled upon THIS POST and I couldn't read fast enough to see what was going to happen. How terrifying! How lucky that YOU were there to help until emergency medical staff arrived to take over. You're in my thoughts...

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