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Wednesday, June 01, 2016



This definitely happens to me, too. Often it's because I've requested a bunch of things, figuring they couldn't possibly all come in at the same time and then they do. Or, I'll have some on a longer loan period (interlibrary loan), so I sneak other two-weekers into the pile, too . . . Would it help if you didn't borrow so many at once? This year I'm trying to make a concerted effort to read things I own, as well. #bookhoarder The only book in your stack I've read is Fates and Furies. Lauren Groff grew up near where I live, and she's an outrageously gifted and bright writer. I own all her books, but have only read this one and her first, The Monsters of Templeton. I'm actually kind of eager to read her short story collection next.


I do this all the time!! Luckily, I do tend to read very fast. However, I am struggling right now to get through "A Winter's Tale". It is written so beautifully, and there is fantasy and questions about where the characters are in time, so I am having to take it a bit slower. It's worth it, though. I have had to actually go back INTO the library to renew it because it was the last book I got to in my stack of checked out books, and due to its length, I ran out of on- line renewals.
Glad to hear from you.


i listened to the Golem and the Jinni on audio and would highly recommend it. It's truly a wonderful book!! :) And We are Water is about so much more than the little blurb. There are so many issues addressed in that book and Lamb's writing as always is deep and layered. That one was tougher for me but I am glad I read it :) Can't wait to hear more about what you do read :)


I have a tendancy to download more audiobooks than I can ever listen to, and buy more books than I can ever read - but I shan't give up on being hopeful to do more!! Except I've never heard of any of those books you have there. Our tastes are widely divergent!

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