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Thursday, June 23, 2016



Sending blessings for safe travels for you and Haley. I can't wait to hear about this trip when you return.


I hope you're having a wonderful time with your daughter! I've never traveled to Europe, but Tiffany from The Scrap Gals posted this great list of safety strategies for traveling in Europe. She's been many times, both alone and with student groups: http://livingalowderlife.blogspot.com/2016/06/11-safety-strategies-for-traveling.html


What a gift..to yourself and your daughter. Have an amazing, unforgettable time!

Andrea Baugh

My cousin is a runner and she went to visit my sister in Germany. She went running one morning and was sure that she could find her way back. As she was running she got distracted by all the buildings and got lost. She didn't speak German. So she wandered around yelling my sister's name until a shop owner came out and said he knew my sister and called her.
I hope you guys have so much fun.


I hope you have a wonderful trip and am so glad you get this time with your daughter! I love traveling but am always afraid before I go but I agree that you can't let the what ifs stop you. I hope that all goes smoothly and if something doesn't that it is just a small bump that turns into a story you laugh about. Hope you blog about the trip when you get back!

Feisty Harriet

I love this aspect of you, knowing and being very aware, but also moving forward with an adventure anyway. :)


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