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Tuesday, July 12, 2016



Sending you a virtual hug or three. Hang in there.


Oh hon. That is so, so much. My live and prayers. Holding you in the light


Didn't feel like a pity party while reading it. Felt like a raw, honest outpouring of real feelings about hard stuff. A lot of really hard stuff. And you're right, you have failed God. We all do. All the time. We aren't perfect. But he is. And he is right there with you in those failures. And the best part to me? He can take all our failures and crappy, stupid choices and do wonderous things. I will be praying for you.


Yes! You should ALWAYS go to Madrid. Then I can stalk you there as well. You have no idea how good I am now with Google Earth.

Feisty Harriet

Oh honey, you have so much going on. I always feel a little better just getting it all written down and OUT somehow. I hope, if nothing else, there is a little relief in that.



Wish I could take you out for tea and just listen for awhile. Letting it out helps, I hope. Sometimes the only way past something is through it, but, man, does it suck in the process. Good thoughts are being sent your way. Take care.


You really do need a pause. I hope you get one- and soon.


What you said about Kendell and not remembering a day when you didn't feel underlying doom and anxiety really resonated with me. Husbands with health issues take a toll...I often look at couples and wonder what it would feel like to never worry and never fear. Do they appreciate it? Going about so carefree? I can't remember one day when I felt carefree. I'm also with you on raising teenagers. Again, a constant feeling of anxiety and worry... The consequences of their choices can have such far reaching effects. It makes it difficult to sleep most nights. How I envy those who fall deeply and soundly asleep. Thank you for your post. I hope you get the pause you need. Hugs to you.

Wendy Hill

I, too, am sending you a virtual hug and wishing it could be a real one and we could be i-r-l friends.

I saw a powerful video where a psychologist held up a glass and the audience thought she would make the half-full/half-empty analogy, but instead she talked about how the glass feels heavier the longer you hold it aloft. You are carrying so many burdens. Prayers for respite from those burdens. Perhaps jumping on that plane would be just that. If that's not possible, I hope the act of writing released some (I know I feel lighter when I get the emotions down on paper).

I still think of you every time I look at one of the Groupon deals for trips to London-Paris-Rome. For now, my focus remains on the most recent novel, but one of these days I'm going to want to do that travel research for a sequel to the other one.


I love how real your blog post is (and always is)! It's not a pity party it's just real life and it's hard and right now it's very hard for you, wishing I could do something to make it better but will settle on sending hugs and prayers your way.

Melanie Bell

I hope writing this out lifted a tiny bit of the weight. I wrote some pretty gritty stuff in the margins of that book - you probably already saw. I feel the fear of losing my son more often than I don't. I can't imagine having those fears about my husband as well. Not that I'm comparing. Just saying that life is so hard and we're all in it together. Fighting our battles beside each other. I love it when people are open about their troubles. ((Hugs))

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