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Saturday, September 24, 2016


Christine Newman

While I'm not Mormon, I am the same when it comes to my own church's women's conferences. I don't go to them for the same reasons that you don't. I have differing opinions about women's role in the church. I don't have kids. I work full time. And I don't have a tribe either. I can totally relate.


Same here. Until women run the Women's conference in the church of my youth, I will stay far, far away. It makes me as nuts as a priest having to counsel my husband and me on marriage before we could marry in the church. Dude, you'll never know a marital argument, not about money, socks, children, toilet seats, aging parent support or friends. Please don't pretend to be an authority figure on marriage.


I am tribeless too. I have never been to women's conference. I used to feel bad about that, but I don't anymore.

That we cannot conduct a meeting on our own as women - it's baffling. I can't really listen to any recent talks - even in regular conference. Too much time is spent on justification for policies. There are too many absolutes. I just can't anymore.

Big hugs. I get you, sis. Xo


I think sometimes we should be more patient with ourselves and our progress in life, wherever that is. It's okay if we don't understand everything (no one does). If we get frustrated sometimes. If we aren't quite in the same place as someone else. If we don't feel quite ready to reach out and make friends. We've ALL been there, sometimes people are just too afraid to admit it.

Usually I make friends best when I'm trying to love others more, so it's less about having friends for myself as trying to find others who need someone. Sometimes I don't do that well. Sometimes I desperately want someone to reach out to me--but it has almost never happened until I reach out first.

But I do think you are needed, and loved, and that you WILL find people because you are absolutely not too old and age really has nothing to do with it. I don't have a group of friends, a tribe, frankly. But I do have individual friends because I love those individual people, of all ages and all situations.

People really do love you, just how you are.

Feisty Harriet

A) Yes, yes, yes, and yes. I feel ALL of these feels, but probably couldn't have verbalized them.

B) The tribe? I don't have one here in AZ, and it is my biggest loss of moving. Where are my people!?


Andrea Baugh

I can't listen to it. The breathy coddling voices are painful to my brain. I focus more on how infuriating it is to be talked to like that than I do the message. So I have to wait and read the messages later.
This year the tribe thing was more painful than the voices though. I had no one to watch the kids; because there is no husband around because his job isn't cooperating. No one to go with. None of my "old" friends that would have gone with me. No Linda and Donna around to make me go. So I sit in a crappy apartment (because I wouldn't buy a house without a guarantee of a job down here first) instead of a happy blue house, alone.


This post resonates with me more than you could know. It is completely validating for me to read your words that express my feelings so perfectly and eloquently. It is good to know I am not alone in these "off-the-beaten-path" feelings. Thank you!


Sounds painful. Sounds really hard. Im so sorry for your situation right now. I agree, at one time or another we all have these feelings of being separate and alone. Whether we have created the situation or whether it has happened to us, it is still painful. I wish I could help somehow. I have recently found great relief in a book entitled, "The Way of Agape" by Chuck and Nancy Missler that is written from a women's perspective. I was in so much pain I knew I needed to know something else in order to deal with my feelings, my needs, and my emotions and the inability of someone to speak about the accuracy of what I could do and think differently that could change my inner soul. I know is socially acceptable only to just validate your feelings....I really do. But if you want to feel better and find answers to this abandonment you are feeling, I think this will REALLY help. I am 59 years old and have read a ton of books, including reading the scriptures as a constant diet and this book has soothed my soul and my relationships that I have prayed would be healed are miraculously changing. I guess I was ready to change. That's the cool part, when it gets really painful, when the student is ready to learn, the teacher arrives.

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