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Sunday, October 16, 2016



Yes. We need more and more of this kind of dialogue! None of us are technically worthy, which in a way means all of us are.

I love this. I'm so proud of you for being grace and your wish that you were braver will make it so you can be determined for next time.

Andrea Baugh

You teaching would have got me to go to Sunday school, and to be honest I haven't gone in a very very long time. I would have LOVED to be taught by the real Amy. The real Amy is who I love and want to learn from.
You are so talented and can put into words what so many of us feel.


I love and agree with all of this!!

Christine Newman

Super enjoyed reading this. Not Mormon, but can totally relate to this from my own Protestant evangelical upbringing.


And some of us are "good enough" to have gotten past the need for "Him". We are good w/o God. We are here ready to spend our time and talents only on others, not god maintenance, not temples and elders' salaries and preachers, but on nurses and social workers and rehab centers and child hospitals.


Thank you for these words. We need to be reminded that we are all invited and all imperfect. We are all works in progress, as are you, too. Be patient with yourself and love your desire to share your true words. And embrace the struggle that you are in on how to best share them. If your words weren't important, then you wouldn't need to ponder their use so much. Keep sharing your words.

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