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Saturday, November 05, 2016



This sounds like so much fun! Remember when we went to Wolf Creek and stayed the night? I hadn't even been married a year yet. Those were good times.

Love that you had a fun night with friends. ❤️


I've always enjoyed seeing your layouts. This post makes me feel that itch and I will soon be digging my scrapbook supplies out! Thanks.


Long live scrapbooking! I'm thankful to have a few friends to scrap with occasionally, but I still scrap on my own as often as I can. This weekend, in fact. For an entire day. Heavenly. Love your post and I have a couple of your BP classes saved that I still review from time to time for inspiration.


This made me happy on an otherwise blue day. Thank you for the moments of happiness in reading your words and in my own memories that you helped bring back.

Robin W.

How fun!! I too am the lone person still scrapbooking from the "heydays," but I can't imagine my life without it. It speaks to my soul to know that there are kindred spirits :) out there (though many of us may never meet in real life). I hope your new group has more scrapbooking nights in the future!


I love scrapbooking on my own, but there is something very special about scrapbooking with a group. You're right when you say that you have instant rapport with a fellow-scrapbooker. I'm lucky to have found a group (that started on-line but now meets up occasionally IRL too) of kindred spirits. So happy you've found some new ones too!

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