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Tuesday, December 27, 2016


Liz S

So much of what you wrote here resonated with me, even though I'm in a very different stage of life- my daughter is 4 and this was the first year where Santa was a big thing for her. I struggled more than I thought- I want it to be perfect for her and everyone, and of course she asked for EVERYTHING she saw in the shops then woke up excited for only three things, only one of which she was actually getting from Santa. *sigh* and there were the very few thankyous, and all the frustrations that go along with an overtired, excited four year old. So your writing is a great reminder for me to look for the things that were good about *this* year, and not to forget the difficulties (next year: REALLY clarify the list) and to remember that things will continue to change year by year. I really loved the way you wrote this piece- it is really emotive and engaging. Thankyou.


Thank you, Amy.


I've struggled with some of the same things this Christmas. My youngest son (14) has pneumonia, started the last day of school before break. My oldest son (23) was home for Christmas but fought with the middle son (20). My husband just started a new job after four months of unemployment. Was it the Christmas I hoped for? Absolutely not. Were there moments of joy? You bet!
Your blog is reassuring to me; you are so authentic. No "highlight reel" here, just thoughtful and realistic writing. Thank you!


I've been trying to put bits of real life into my December Daily this year, like the fact that we're almost always grumpy when we're putting up and decorating the tree (which might serve as a reminder to do something different next year.) It's primarily because we *get* the tree the weekend after Thanksgiving, but don't always have a chance to decorate it before going back to work and school. So we're trying to do it on a weeknight and I want it to be magical and none of us are really in the mood. So, we probably either need to actually do it on the Sunday after Thanksgiving, *or* just wait until the following Saturday to get the tree!

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