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Tuesday, January 24, 2017


Amy Sorensen

Here are the questions:
What is one of your favorite pictures from the beginning of the year?
What kind of technology did you use?
Did you go to any weddings?
Did you go to any funerals?
A favorite outfit from 2016?
A favorite movie from 2016?
Did you read more or less in 2016?
Five songs that will, whenever you hear them, instantly make you remember 2016?
What did you watch on TV?
What political or social events influenced your life in 2016?
What did you do on Easter?
Restaurants you ate at often?
Your most memorable meal?
Any health problems?
How did you celebrate your birthday?
What did you make last year?
What did you lose last year?
What did you find last year?
What is your favorite picture from summer 2016?
How did your fitness efforts go?
What is something new you did?
What did you continue to do?
What did you do outside?
What did you do inside?
What did you do too much of?
What did you not do enough of?
What experience did you have that you would like to write about but haven’t yet?
What adventures did you have?
What vacations did you go on? (I think an adventure is often different from a vacation, don’t you?)
What new thing(s) did you acquire?
What firsts did you have?
Did you reconnect with anyone?
Did you see any old friends?
Did you make any new friends?
What surprised you last year?
What did you dress up as for Halloween?
Where did you eat on Thanksgiving?
What was different this Christmas than any other year?
What person did you talk to the most?
What is your favorite picture from the last quarter of the year?
What things are you proud of from 2016?
Did you have any major life changes?
What was your greatest sorrow?
What was your happiest moment?
What did the universe teach you in 2016?
Did you take a good family pic this year? Will you share it?

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