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Sunday, January 22, 2017


Becky K

I can relate to what you are saying - the waiting, the holding back and letting something happen that is out of your control. It is super hard to do and there isn't anyway to learn it other than doing it. It feels so counterintuitive. It feels impossible and dark and scary, just how you say.

I'm proud of you for moving.

I was standing at the gas station shivering yesterday while I waited for my car to fill. I was resisting the wind and the cold so hard. And then I stopped. And it was still cold and the wind was still in my face but without the tension, it felt different. Nothing had changed, other than I wasn't resisting. It felt like a metaphor.

Love you. Always thinking of you!


My heart goes out to you.


One of the hardest things is to love someone and to give them space when everything inside you screams to fix it (and since this happened with 2 of my kids at different times one of which we are still going thru it rips out my heart.) I feel for you going thru whatever it is and will send prayers your way.


You are in my thoughts.

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