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Sunday, February 05, 2017



But it SO needs to be talked about. Thank you for writing this and your bravery in sharing it. It WILL help someone else (I am sharing it with her).

Jill B

You have readers and you have friends out here pulling for you. Your writing is beautiful and thought provoking and heartfelt and so much more. Keep assending from the water. You may be touching more lives than you know


Your writing is beautiful. I'm so sorry you are going through this pain. Sometimes we have to keep moving inch by tiny inch toward the light until one day we are there. Take care and thanks for sharing.


Writing this is like the seed struggling up through the darkness into sunlight. You can't see the light yet, but it's up there. So sorry you are in such a tough spot right now.


Maybe there is a gift in the voice speaking to us out of the dark. Maybe the lack of other visual images makes us hear and attend to your voice so much more strongly. Maybe, for right now that darkness makes your words the most important thing we pay attention to. We are here, and we hear your words and your courage to speak and write them. I thank you.


Thank you.

Becky K

Love this poem, and you know I always love a good NIN reference (this song has spoken to me so many times over the last few years!)

Love you. Glad you are finding the light, keep looking for it. Also, when you were talking about the velvet chair and the texture of it, I could feel it soooo clearly. Do you remember mom's couch before she reupholstered it, when it was the print Grandma originally had? I can still remember loving to rub my hands over its velvety islands. Or our white bedspreads with the knots that would make your hands feel numb if you rubbed them hard enough on it. The things you don't realize you can remember, even years later. I'm glad you haven't reupholstered the chair just so it could bring you that comfort.


You are not alone. I'm so glad you went to the gym with your husband. Baby steps, Amy. Be kind to yourself. (((hugs)))


My friend Jordan Chaney is a poet and he says this about depression-reposted from Facebook.

I know that a lot of people suffer from depression and feelings of hopelessness and this time of year is particularly bad. I wrote this for you...and me. Feel free to share it with people in your feed. (But don't tag them, it's a very sensitive and personal subject)


It feeds on guilt, regret, fear and shame.
It draws the blinds and hides.
It thrives on poor diet and
negative self-talk, among
other debilitating habits.
It survives this way, but like
a snake eating it’s own tail.

Want to kill it?

Smother it with optimism,
self-love and self-forgiveness!
Depression despises open windows
and a clean home. Open the windows,
organize your environment! It hates
motion and productivity of any kind.
Shoot arrows like that at it!!!
It shrinks in the presence of
small goals met—Depression wants
to live but it will ultimately
perish if you attack it first.


Melanie Bell

I always love your openness. I wish I could help pull you out of the darkness, but you're so right - only the depressed person can pull herself out of depression. I woke up this morning feeling myself sinking. I'm doing everything I know to do to stop from sinking any further. This really helped me today. Perfect timing. Just knowing that I'm not alone. And you aren't either. <3


This helps. I never once thought "pathetic," just "thank you".


Thank you for this. I read it. And now we are not alone.


Thank you for sharing. Please know you are not alone and continue to try to connect with others. Bless you.

Becky C

Thank you for describing so much of what I feel and the cycles and waves it comes in. I hope that everytime the wave hits, there is something or someone to be a buoy you can hold on to


Thank you for sharing. I have a loved one who is just starting to experience this. That you for giving me perspective. ♡

Jennifer Lefforge

So, so good. It's so hard to explain to those who don't get it and the worst is when you try to explain it and then just feel like they feel sorry for you. Which doesn't really help, either. Thank you for your voice.

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