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Friday, March 24, 2017



I love this, and right before I go to a 3-day crop--what timing. I took your classes at BP and read your entries on WCS, and am so happy to read your inspiring words about journaling your stories again. You are right, there are so many stories that can be about one picture. I recently looked at my first scrapbook pages and can't believe all I wrote was "cute kid," "you were so adorable" and, the dreaded, "boy, did we have fun!" I've decided to pick a select few pictures from that time and re-write/re-do my pages. My kids know I think they are adorable, what they may not remember is why. I'd love to see more of your blog posts about this subject. Very inspirational. Thanks.


The page about you and Kendell brought tears to my eyes. Love you both. ❤


I really like your scrapbook pages. To me, they are the work of an artist. Despite what the manager said.

Chris S

You are an artist of words! I'm always at a loss of what to say and haven't scrapbooked in forever. Love both the layouts and the journaling.


Love the story about the copics - that manager was lucky you didn't let your inner snark out! I've always been inspired by your pages and your stories - thanks again for sharing them!


Fantastic blog post. I'm not sure I can remember details on old photos of my children (35 & 37), but I'm given access to all the pictures taken of the grand children which are my primary focus for scrapbooking now. I'm going to start asking these kinds of questions of the parents to get beyond the where, who, when stuff. Thank you.

Susan B

Love this post Amy! I too feel like I can almost always find a story to tell about a photo, even if the photo is one I've scrapped before. I have always loved to write, so maybe that makes it a little easier for me. Sometimes when I sit and look at a photo, the ideas set off a chain reaction leading me to other photos with even more stories (I think you might have written about that too perhaps?).

Feisty Harriet

Writing is an art form, and people who don't think so have no idea what they're talking about.

Art up your words, with the markers and the stories and the photos and all of it.


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