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Thursday, May 11, 2017



I think, with me, there is also the aspect of not wanting my life to just disappear. I'm trying to sustain the habit of a sentence-a-day journal (am currently trying to decide whether I will attempt to fill in all the April days for which I didn't write anything down) and feel a deep need to capture my life through words and pictures as it races past. Some of what I capture (such as lists in notebooks & on GoodReads of what I've read) will almost certainly not be of interest to anyone else, but keeping them makes me really happy, so it's worth it.


After my Mom passed away, I realized that I didn't really know a lot about her childhood. That really made me stop and think that I want my own kids and my grandkids to know what I was like before they met me. That's why I scrapbook as an older woman.

Laura Cushman

"So yes: I can see as my kids get older, I will make fewer layouts. About them. At least, about their current lives. But I still have so many stories to tell. And not just about them, but about me, too"

Amy - this is exactly where I am in my life. I came to scrapbooking as my children were in high school (technically, I made scrapbooks in Jr. High & H.S. but they are NOTHING like what I make today). We were so busy living life. I snapped photos. I made random pages here and there but we all continued to live life. I knew as they got older I'd have lots of time to tell those stories I had captured with my camera. Funny thing happened on the way to old age. Life didn't stop. I kept living it. It keeps going. We are all at different stages in our lives. Two of my children live on separate coasts. I have two grandsons that I see once a year but have oodles of photos thanks to my son. My daughter and her BF live here and we are active in our family events. I have lots of social life. I work long hard hours at a law office that is entrenched in many of the cases you see on the news. I have a pretty darn good interesting life. While I devoted time to raising my family, it didn't stop when they became adults. So why on earth does anyone think the stories stop? I'm so confused by this mentality. There will always be stories. So that are in the here and now. And many that still need to be told from all those photos in the boxes. I thanks the Scrap Gals for helping me realize how many stories there are to tell even though the photo isn't directly about the story.


So much of this resonates with me, especially about maybe a future grandchild will be glad to find all these stories written down. Thank you for articulating it.


Love this.

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