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Thursday, May 18, 2017


Debra Williams

So glad you went too. It was a pleasure being with you.

Laura Cushman

I wish you were able to come to the Nashville Retreat. Thanks for the blog post telling us about it!

Tracie Claiborne

This just makes my heart so happy!!! Thank you for this!!!! The pic of you and Jen and Jana made me cry because I love you three so much!

Laurie johnson

Wonderful story.

I started scrapbooking because my mom and both of her sisters had dementia diseases and she asked me to make sure I told their stories, my stories, my kids stories...

And so I do.

Stefanie  Butts

Thanks for giving us details of the retreat. I hope I can make a 2018 one!!


Yes! So invigorating and comforting (and FUN) to hang out with your tribe!

Carrie Budisch

That's awesome! You have got me even more excited for Nashville!


How awesome!


Loved this. It's become all about the stories and memories for me too. I'm hoping to make it to a Scrap Gals retreat next year! Sounds wonderful!


I'm pretty sure that based on your description of yourself as you walked in, you and I were separated at birth. lol! And chocolate cinnamon bears! Our Costco does NOT carry this bit of wonderfulness which you describe! No fair! Seriously though. It sounds like an amazing time and based on this, I may have to move out of my comfort zone and make a road trip to one of these events some day soon. It sounds wonderful. Truly.

Robin W.

I had such a good time at the retreat, and it was fun getting to meet you! I loved hearing your story about your Dad reading your scrapbook--that's really what it's all abut. Thank you for sharing, and for all your work behind the scenes to make the retreat run smoothly for all of us. I can't wait to go to another one!!


After scrapbooking here at home with just a friend or two most of the time I recently went to a big crop. It was so nice being with other like-minded people. Scrapbook-lovers are still out there, it just takes some effort to find them and get ourselves out of the house. Love this post and this reminder that doing what we love will make us happy.


I am not the 'anxious in a crowd ' type, so I didn't have your initial apprehension. I enjoyed meeting so many folks that have the same hobby too. But also enjoyed exploring SLC on Monday. What an interesting place. Even the strange GilgalGardens


I've organised a small crop with my friends for the weekend after next (which is a long weekend for us with an extra day off to mark the Queen's Birthday). I've never been to a really big event like the one you describe though - something for my bucket list perhaps!


I've been to a couple retreats here in California with a friend who still scrapbooks and it was definitely the most fun! Not a lot of sleeping and not as many pages done as I wanted but wouldn't trade a minute of the time spent with girls who get what I love! So glad you went and had a good time!

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