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Monday, July 31, 2017





This. "And I am afraid of losing those memories, afraid I haven’t written enough down, snapped enough photographs, saved enough used-up objects." You've expressed so well what I've been feeling too.


This so resonates with me right now. Thank you for putting this all into words. My older got married this year, One of mine graduated. I have another graduating next spring and a sophomore in highschool - Did I mention I homeschool them - such a hard time - but good too.


I have a recurring daydream, that I wish (once my now-13-year-old is settled for the night) that I could jump in my time machine and go back and hold her as her delectable infant self. I wouldn't want to go back and start again, but I'd love to hold my little baby again.


Yes to all of this. You really know how to express all the mom "feels" so many of us have. I think life will still be very good as our kids get older, just in a different way. I am just so thankful for scrapbooking and the way it has helped me to record my feelings all along this journey.

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