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Wednesday, July 26, 2017



Here, here!! I love this post and the ideas about a woman's contribution within it. I actually got into one of those discussions a few weeks ago where it was remarked that if you weren't married and/or didn't have kids, what did you have to scrap about? I had a visceral reaction and quickly had to check myself as I didn't know these people. It still amazes me that people feel this way. That they are willing to marginalize their own voice for a spouse's or a child's, or they think they have little of value to say. I scrapbook because I have SO MUCH to say, and I don't want to leave it if others or an epitaph to decide. I love telling stories, and yes, the paper is fun, too--cactuses?? But the stories are the main piece for me. I want to tell it, and I do. I didn't realize that I was a radical feminist in the process, but I'll take it!!

cassandra jones


This is so good. I know that there has been discussion about women's crafts being disregarded as a form of art, but I hadn't thought about the fact that when we (society) ignore those crafts--we are really ignoring the voices of the women themselves. It seems that by destroying and losing much of this work, we have erased the stories of these women.

I am sure that I haven't given it much thought because I am not crafty or artistic. You have shown me that the stories of women can be told in many different ways. Thank you--Casey

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