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Thursday, August 24, 2017



This is a magical post. It has made me reflect on the music and the people who have shaped the me I am today. I love the vellum image. It's pretty powerful.
I will spend part of my day reflecting on the me I was, and comparing her to the me I am. Thanks for the push toward the journey.
I am sorry you didn't make the show.


Amy, you are still passionate and exceptional. Turn the music up and sing with all of your heart and voice!!

Chris S

As I read this, tears came to my eyes. I wish I hadn't been a responsible parent!! The weird thing though is that Dave went and I didn't want to go with him only with you. But I think he'd have been mad if I said I would go with you and not him. Hopefully that makes sense. He sure wouldn't understand. Only you understand!! Love you!

Chris S

Also my boss went to the concert and I was trying to explain to him why Depeche Mode will always be my all time favorite. He didn't get it. I think he needs to read your post. You explained it perfectly!

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