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Thursday, September 21, 2017



Praying this winter will have more light for you to navigate by than last winter. I also love fall, but struggle not to think about the dark, cold, and daily snowy commutes that will follow. It's hard to live in the moment. Our modern existence certainly doesn't encourage it. Two different days this week I picked up a fall leaf on my walk from the parking lot. I need to find things like that to focus on -- ephemeral, beautiful, of the moment. Yes, winter will come, but so, again, will spring. Happy Friday, Amy.


Sending lots of love your way. I empathize so much with what you are going through. As for the whole winter-is-coming thing - I really struggled some winters here in Seattle. What helps me is to keep going outside for exercise no matter what the weather is like (which I'm sure you already do) and getting one of those little happy lamp things to use in the mornings to mimic sunshine exposure. The last thing is the same as what Laura wrote above: focusing on those little beautiful moments. But I also know that that feels impossible sometimes. (I also know that it can get annoying when people keep making suggestions of what might help when you really just want to vent and get these uncomfortable feelings out, so I'll shut up now...but know that I am hear if you need an empathetic ear.)

Mary Kadry

i really admire and enjoy your writing; i'm so glad to have been pointed to your blog. as a medical professional, and as a fellow human being who has had depression - remember that anniversaries are hard. not just anniversaries of the event(s); but of those times when you felt very dark and hopeless and overwhelmed and depleted. email me if you ever feel the need.

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