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Wednesday, September 06, 2017


Laura Cushman

Amy - I just love your posts. I have never been able to be a SAHM and many times, even now, I've wondered if I did it "right". And then I remember there is no right or wrong. It's life and a wonderful life. Thanks for sharing.

Christine Newman

Loved this! I would have made a terrible Mormon, since I have never had any desire to be a mom. But anytime anyone says that being ONE SINGLE THING is all they've ever wanted, I worry for them. Life is too big to want to be just that one thing. If that one thing works out badly, then there's nothing else.


The thing that really made me realize that life is all about perspective and choices is when i chatted with my mother in law who had a long and powerful career. when she retired she felt lost like she didn't know who she was. it didn't matter that she wasn't a stay at home mom. she still had no identity without her job. kids, jobs, etc these are all still external things. our identity is what we make of it and it's multilayered. when the external things change, we are left with who we are so it's best to nourish that person, imho. i try to make sure no one thing defines me so that if things change, i am growing and changing along with it.

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