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10 Favorite Scrapbook Layouts from 2017

I have a confession to make: I haven't made a scrapbook layout since October. I know. Fall came and I was overwhelmed with the desire to sew. So, I sewed instead of scrapbooking. Or let's blame it on It, which I decided to re-read in October and holy cow it's a huge novel. I finished It (and still haven't written about it, but I must!) and then I planned our trip to New York, and then we went to New York, and then we came home for Nathan's birthday, and then Thanksgiving, and then I was sick, and then I sewed an insane amount of Christmas Things, and then my mom got sick and had to go to the hospital, and then I finally got around to decorating my house for Christmas, and then my scrapbook room was full of Christmas wrapping and yeah:

I haven't scrapbooked for awhile.

But I still want to put together my annual list of my 10 favorite scrapbook layouts. Because it's almost January, and while I have ideas for three new quilting projects, and my mom is still in the hospital, my scrapbook room is finally clean and has been de-Christmased and I'll have some time to myself here in a few days, and then I'll start making layouts again. Until then, I need to put 2017 to bed! (I actually am planning one more blog post about my 2017 scrapbooking year, but it's not really a list. Try to curb your anticipation.)

1. The Frolic Architecture of the Snow 

Haley 2014 Christmas

Why it's a fave: The colors, that title (a bit of Emerson's poem "The Snow-Storm"), those photos! They are some of my favorite pics I've ever taken of Haley. 

2.  Nathan's Skiing Adventure

Nathan 2016 Skiing

Why it's a fave: I like the color combo on this one...the minty aqua hues are unexpected. Plus I love that our friend who took my sons skiing (I am a fan of snowshoes not skis, even though I live in Utah!) got them to pose for a pic under the "Amy's Ridge" sign. And I used a bunch of snowflakes that were just sitting around on the bottom of my "winter and snow" drawer.

3. The Present Cracks Open the Aftermath of Itself

Amy 2017 aftermath

Why it's a fave: I like it when one photograph inspires another. I was looking for some different 2012 pics, and I found this one of me that Haley had taken after I'd had a fresh haircut. It really made me stop and gasp, as I feel like I have changed so much in five years. The photo from 2012 prompted this whole layout; I asked Kaleb to take the pic of me one morning before school and then I wrote about some of the experiences and emotions I'm trying to process. I've made a layout about myself on my birthday every year since I turned 40, and this ended up being my 45th-birthday layout.

4. Share your Light

Jake 2009 NYE

Why it's a fave: we are not big partiers on New Year's Eve. By the time December 31st rolls around I'm feeling partied out, and somehow we've just never really established any NYE traditions. So this is actually the first layout about New Year's Eve I've ever made. (I have, however, spent not a few New Year's Eves making other scrapbook layouts, while everyone else slept.) Mostly, though, I love this because I love the big photo of Jake, even if it is a little bit soft. I'm also fairly proud of myself that I managed to take these pictures with my DSLR; I think it's so much easier to take low-light photos with my cell phone.

5. Cola Wars: A History of our Beverage Affections

Kaleb 2016 Cola Wars

Why it's a fave: because this is one of my very favorite pics of Kaleb and me. Especially now, when he's entered his very young adolescent years and thinks getting his photo taken is quite possibly the worst thing ever. Because the journaling went in a totally different direction than I thought it would when I printed the photo and I like that I wrote a little bit of both our histories. And because I wasn't sure how the color combo would actually work, but I like it. And because of puffy stickers!

6. Still My Baby

Nathan 2002 Baby

Why it's a fave: I scrapbooked quite a few pics from 2002 in 2017. I can't believe I never made a layout with this sweet one! I dug through my journaling files and found an entry that I could modify for the journaling, and then I just had fun with some scraps that I scrunched up and then flattened out, to make them feel softer. Actually, I'm really glad I didn't scrap this photo until this year, because it meant I got to scrap a baby photo of Nathan. There's not a lot of those left to scrap! (And age 2 he's hardly a baby, but when you consider he's now 6'5" he still seems pretty little here.)

7. The Beach Day is the Best Day

Jake 2005 Beach

Why it's a fave: This is one of my all-time favorite pictures...but I've never made a layout with it. Sometimes you have to wait until just the right supply comes along, and this sheet of patterned paper (it was one sheet that I cut apart) was it. I love how it turned out! My only objection: The cardstock I printed the journaling on is not really that strange mauvey-pink color it seems to be. It's actually grey but I can't seem to correct that color without making all the other ones look weird. Shrug.

8. This Sweet Moment

Haley 2005 siblings

Why it's a fave: Another confession: I haven't made very many layouts about Kaleb's baby year. This is, ironically, because I love making layouts with baby photos. But if I work on his baby photos, I will have no more baby layouts to make. So I keep not making them because the thought of not having any more baby layouts to make makes me sad. (Perhaps once I have a grandchild I'll be able to get over this!) Somehow, though, it feels ok to make layouts for the other kids with Kaleb's baby photos and I have, in fact, made more of those than I have for his books. This one was fun to make because the line of embellishments I used (Home Made by Jen Hadfield) was one of my favorites this year. 

9. In the Picture I Didn't Take of You This December

Kaleb 2016 Christmas

Why it's a fave: sometimes you don't have a picture but you still want to tell a story. One of my favorite ways to do this is to describe a picture I wish I had taken but didn't (for whatever reason). I don't do this very often—maybe twice in any given year. But I'm always happy with how it turns out.

10. Thoughts on Daughterhood, Sisterhood, and Time

Amy 2017 family

Why it's a fave: I love this photo of me, my mom, and my sister Becky, from Easter. I love the floral patterned paper I used and the foam "love" accent. Mostly, though, this is a favorite because writing the journaling was therapeutic for me. It helped me figure out some things I had been feeling but hadn't been able to put into words yet. Sometimes (quite often, actually), scrapbooking isn't really about the final product but the process of making something. 

Did you put together a top-ten list of scrapbook layouts this year? I'd love to see it if you did! Here's to another year of storytelling, pretty paper, and scripty fonts!




Wow, I'm impressed by the amount of journaling you have on your pages! I especially love the one without a photo. Although you didn't take it, the description of the moment is so evocative that I could really picture the scene! Really cool


First I'd like to say that I hope your Mom will recover soon and be able to go home from the hospital.
As a scrapbooker, I enjoyed seeing all of your favorite layouts. As a sewer, I would love to see or hear about some of your sewing projects. As a reader, I enjoy your book reviews. Thank you for sharing and I wish you a wonderful 2018.


I don't comment often enough, but I just want you to know that I really enjoy your blog posts. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself.

Of course I love these pages too...the journaling, the intentional product usage...they just come together so well.


Fabulous. Your journaling inspires me to be a better story teller. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself with your blog readers.


I love the no-picture layout, too (as well as the others.) One of my favorite layouts of my own of this type is about a night when my daughter had just been tucked into bed. It was summer, the sun had set, and the fireflies were everywhere in our backyard. I went inside and gathered her out of bed and brought her outside in her Tinkerbell nightgown. She danced and chased the fireflies in the dusky evening and it was just magical. One of my favorite memories from her childhood.


Lovely layouts, Amy - and like the other commenters above, I appreciate you sharing so much of yourself with us, your blog readers. I want to write more meaningfully for my pages this year.

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