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Thursday, December 28, 2017



I loved this post and can definite relate to how hard and sometimes sad it is when we lose what we think is the magic part of Christmas. Now that our two daughters are adults, I've found that the magic is still there but in different and often unexpected ways. We've started new traditions. For example, for the past three years, I've taken a day trip into New York City to see a show and the holiday decorations with one daughter (they alternate each year), something I never would have done when they were young.
I sometimes have problems managing my Christmas Day expectations and then end up sad or disappointed at the end of the day. I happened to read an article a few days before the holiday that mentioned loving people the way they are, and not the way I want them to be. That stuck with me and made a huge difference for me. This Christmas was one of the best I can remember.
Sorry to leave such a long comment but I guess this topic definitely resonated with me. Thanks as always for sharing your thoughts - I really enjoy your blog!


I love this post! So heartfelt and so true for many of us. I love that my kids still love Christmas as much as they do, even though they are getting older. I have them each fill out a list--Something to Read, Something to Do, Something to Listen To, Something to Wear, Something they Need and Something they Want. I ask them to list a few things so I can choose, which helps make it a bit more of a surprise. Plus, I try and write down a few things in the months leading up to Christmas when I hear them talk about something they wish they had. It works well for all of us (my husband & I do a list, too) and makes it so much easier. Thank you for this post. I look forward to your next one.

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