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Wednesday, December 13, 2017



Everything you said is exactly how I feel, you just said it far more eloquently than I would. I also have had a down year for blogging and I miss it—and the community—so much. I think I'm also held back from saying what I'm thinking a lot in the current news environment, so I default to writing nothing at all a lot of the time. But on the fringes of our old community I do hear a few people wishing to make a return, and I've been feeling much the same way. So to blogs! (What else would I fill up my writing board on Pinterest with if you retired, hee hee)


I was so happy to see another post by you this morning. Please don't go away. The blogging world may be changing, but it still is a good way of connecting with like-minded souls. I have stopped reading some blogs because there are so many pop-ups every few seconds that the message itself is unreadable. I love yours because it is all about the words and the feels and the everyday struggles. Keep being real and keep writing!

Laura Cushman

Happy to see your post Amy


I am glad that you are back.


I miss the heyday of blogs. I started my Typepad blog in 2003 and had used other platforms before that -- it was fun being part of the zeitgeist. This year I finally stopped paying for Typepad and my site is up there as a ghost -- their single template for free blogs is, unfortunately, not attractive at all. Over the years I've blogged about books, scrapbooking, cardmaking, baseball, current events . . . but for now, I've decided I had to put it aside. My daughter needs me just as much now as when she was little (which surprised me, I guess) and I have to carve out time to read and make things. I want to keep writing, even if it's not on a blog right now.

Liz S

If it helps any, you have an international audience- I think I almost always read what you write, and I'm not in the US. :) The randomness is fun, and lots of what you write resonates with me, as a reading mum with a not-entirely-easy relationship with my church.


So happy to see you're back! Have always loved and been inspired by your writing.

Christine Newman

I’ve always enjoyed reading your words. I feel the same about blogging. Nowadays you have to do it for YOU.

Robin W.

I'm glad you're blogging again! I like your blog with its randomness of real life; it is authentic. Thank you!


I have been missing your blog posts. I am so glad you have decided to continue. The fact that you write about varied topics is one of the things I really like about your blog. Your writing encourages me to consider things/topics I wouldn't always seek out on my own. Looking forward to your next post.
Take care,


I miss the old blogging community as well. I don’t like how blogging has become about money and lifestyle.

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