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Friday, January 26, 2018



I am sometimes jolted into reading someone's work when they pass away. A friend years ago recommended the Earthsea series and I'd picked up a used copy of The Left Hand of Darkness, but hadn't gotten around to reading any of it. I've now got Left Hand out of the library as an ebook (because I really don't like mass market paperbacks) and might start it this weekend. I completely understand how amazing it would have been for you to meet her. I got to meet Madeleine L'Engle (!!!) twenty years ago now and it was amazing.


Your words, and your actions, have had a big impact on me ever since we worked together at the library and I first discovered your blog. I am grateful for your determination, courage and sharp perspective on the world: seeing both the flaws and the beauty of life and striving against hypocrisy and smugness. I am glad you write and will always be influenced by your writing.

Feisty Harriet

I am SUPER embarrassed to admit that, until she passed away, I did not know le Guin. I know! I know. This was such a lovely post, though, thank you for sharing.


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