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Monday, February 12, 2018



Oh man, I love that feeling!! Nothing feels so good as movement and the joy that comes from it.

And I agree with mom - you are strong and amazing. ❤️


When I was working through the 16-18km blahs* in the Half marathon trail walk I completed recently, something made me start to focus on my body and the way it was working. I spent most of those two kilometres thanking the various parts of my body for working so well (Thanks feet, you're doing great! Legs - you're amazing! Lungs - keep it up! etc) and it gave me such a boost and a way through. Your two sentences (It is also joy at being here, right now, in this body, in this place, on this earth with this life. With my beating heart and my pulsing lungs and my tired, happy legs) sum it up perfectly.

* you do get these, right? (but in miles, of course)


Oops, also meant to add in how glad I was to read that your mother was feeling better when you saw her. I hope this continues.


I haven't run since high school and even then I was doing the 400, not anything lengthy, other than conditioning runs during practice. But sometimes I dream that I am running and it is fun and effortless (that's how you know you're dreaming -- ha, ha).

Katy Coffman

I love this!!! We all work through running in our own way!

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