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Tuesday, February 13, 2018


Becky K

Slow clap. I cannot agree more. I know that bishops are regular men and don't necessarily have the skills that a licensed therapist would. And I know that some bishops get it right. But the ones who don't, who uphold the man's side of things, shaming the woman because "if you say anything this will affect his career" (which apparently, Willoughby's bishop said to her!) ought to be released.


I haven't read Colby's essay yet, but I'm headed there now.

thank you for writing this! There are important, real consequences to bishop's seeing what they want to see rather than hearing what is being said.

Feisty Harriet

Yes, girl! YAS!

In a previous life I was told by my Bishop a number of variations of "try harder" to combat the abuse in my marriage. Luckily, I was just as sassy and stubborn then as I am now and did not take that advice for long, but I got ZERO help from the church in leaving an abusive X. Or in escaping predatory men in YSA wards. This is something I have absolutely zero tolerance for, church should be a sanctuary, especially for those who are feeling cornered, hurt, abused, or ostracized. I'll be right there yelling about it with you.


Christine Newman

Yep. Thoughtfully written, as always!

Cindy deRosier



well said. so well said. (btw, I love how you don't capitalize his last name...)


Well said Amy! I personally am not a member of the Mormon church, but I think your words could apply to any religion. How brave of you to speak the truth for your personal situation. My frustration with most religions is the pressure to just blindly follow and not speak up, to paint a rosy picture and hide aspects of life that don't fit into that picture. I believe in being open about things, talking about it and finding ways to improve. Most religions can't admit fault and therefore can not learn and improve.

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